Beth Ellis (Pilot update from Ohio)

Beth Ellis is located at 2B6, Hollister Field Airport, Wilmington, Ohio.

Beth Ellis 2013

I have a PPL now and just got a SuperCub on Wednesday! I love love love this plane. I have been flying it every day as much as I can . Unlike our 172 I can just get it out by myself and go! It’s not like any SuperCub –it is mint green. Definitely stands out in a crowd. But it’s a sweet little plane! I fly it every day possible.

Beth Ellis Supercub

If anyone sees it at a fly-in come find me and say “Hi”! And if anyone is doing a cross country and needs a place to stay stop in at 2B6.

Beth Ellis 2013B

Thanks for the great Group of Ladies having love affairs with Taildraggers!
Beth Ellis 2013A

Beth Ellis

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