Bette Bach Fineman (Arizona)

Bette Bach Fineman is based at Montezuma Airport (19AZ) Camp Verde, Arizona, and says she has owned a total of 14 airplanes, all but one a taildragger!

I flew right seat in taildraggers from 1957 to 1968, when I finally soloed my first Aeronca Champ.  Got my license in 1970, graduated to a DeHavilland Tiger Moth in 1972 and have owned 14 airplanes (only one of which was not a taildragger),  but no more than three at any one time!

Bette’s first Champ in 1968

All six of my children flew before they were born.  Both husbands were/are flight instructors who encouraged my career which has included aerial photography, flying formation for other photographers, ferrying antiques and classics across the country, running a Vermont soaring school with another single mother, editing aviation books and doing some of my own writing.

I published my book “Patterns: Tales of Flying and of Life” a couple of years ago.   We live at a residential airpark, with my third Champ in the hangar, and just sold a Cessna 180. Sadly, recently retired from solo flight due to limited eyesight.

For more about Bette’s amazing life check out Winged Victory: Interview with Bette Bach Fineman

  • Heiti Narma
    Posted at 16:38h, 01 December Reply


    My first biplane ride was in a Tiger Moth at Sugarbush…… somebody had stepped on and broken the battery terminal in the cockpit…. I soldered it back together for you …. And you took me for a flight….. there was a mad french canadien with a Pitts S2A in there somewhere…… later in life I was lucky enough to experience everything from DC-3s to FA-18s…… Who-Da-Thunk-It…??

    Thank You

    Heiti Narma

    Posted at 20:04h, 16 July Reply

    Hello Mrs Bette, I just call my wife and I said you’re not going to believe what just happened, thank you very much for responding, I am honored and still seems unbelievable to me that I communicate with those adventurous lady, I would be deeply pleased to continue talking to you.

    Sincerely, Julian C.

  • Bette Bach Fineman
    Posted at 15:06h, 16 July Reply

    To JULIAN in Bogata:

    Yes, I am “The Girl From a Long Time Ago” in “Gift of Wings”. That indeed was a long time ago and I managed to log 3500 hours after that episode, before I had to retire from solo flight. I hope you get to see an antique airplane fly-in one day, somewhere in the world, before all the governments decree they not be flown anymore.

    Regards, Bette

    Posted at 23:38h, 15 July Reply

    Good evening Mrs Bette, I am Colombian and I live near to Bogota, actually I work in the Air Force as an avionics technician, excuse me for my english, I really love the aviation, when I saw you in this pictures, I thought: it can´t be, incredible, such coincidences are possible?, because I just started to read a chapter in a book of Richard Bach writer (El don de volar) in this part the author tells about a trip with his wife in a biplane, Mrs Bette, are you that wife?, if you are this woman, is a great coincidence, people like you inspire me, I dream one day see those classic aircraft in the fly-in they do in their country…have a nice day lady Bette.

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