Bill Tracy: Random things I love about my taildragger

We’re back to the boys today! Bill Tracy flies a 1970 PA18 Super Cub and has 8 great reasons he loves his Super Cub.

#1 The friends that i have made with it

Bill Tracy with Dana Holladay and Meredith Tcherniavsky

#2 It takes me places no one else can get to

#3 Smell of the fresh summer air coming thru the open door

#4 The feeling of freedom

#5 Watching cars pass me on the highway as I take the slow and relaxing route

#6 Listening to XM radio while the rest of the world is down below stuck in the rat race

#7 The random sights that are hidden from the rest of the world


#8 And  did I mention the friends that I have encountered while flying ?

Bill, Wendy & Yvette

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