Blakesburg & Triple Tree! Who’s going?!!

Two great grass strip fly-ins are about to happen and I’m planning on hitting them both this year!

  • the 2016 AAA/APM Invitational Fly-in, IA27, Antique Airfield, Blakesburg, Iowa (August 31 – Sept 5)
  • the Triple Tree Fly-in, SC00 Triple, Tree Airport, South Carolina (Sept 7 – Sept 11)

JUDYSLAPTOP - IMG_4499First up Labor Day weekend is Blakesburg, Iowa, home of the Antique Airplane Association whose motto is “Keep the Antiques Flying”. Believe me – they do! Watching incredible antique aircraft flying non-stop at this annual event is reason enough not to miss it. LadiesLoveTaildraggers will have a Meet-n-Greet Ice Cream & Pie Social (all local homemade!) at 3:00 Saturday, September 3 on The Porch. Come hangout with fellow & future lady taildragger pilots. Vote for your favorite featured aircraft in the LLT Ladies Choice Award, hear the latest news and share some laughs. LLT thsirts will be available.

imagesAnd the very next week, Sept 7 – 11, is Triple Tree, a.k.a. the 10th Annual Triple Tree Aerodrome Fly-in @ SC00 Woodruff, South Carolina. This one’s all new to me and I can hardly wait to touch down on their 7000′ manicured strip.

SC00 Triple Tree approach (Photo: AOPA)

SC00 Triple Tree (Photo: AOPA)

If you’re looking to me for guidance about this flyin you’ll be disappointed but I can head you in the right direction. I’ve heard wonderful things and am ready to take the plunge over the Smokey Mountains and find out for myself what it’s all about. Please post a comment here or on Facebook if you’re planning on attending and we’ll try and figure a time and place to meet!!

The Fly-in  Triple Tree – A Different Kind of Fly-in

The Price:  Triple Tree – Camping and/or Attending

The Food!  Triple Tree Kitchen Menu

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What is a Fly-in?
Don’t bother looking in the dictionary. You won’t find “Fly-in” there. Where you’ll find “fly-in” is in the sun of a warm summer day, and in your heart.
A fly-in is a gathering of airplanes and pilots. It’s not an airshow – that’s for the spectators. A fly-in is about the airplanes, and the pilots who fly them. It’s a chance to renew old acquaintances – with pilots – and airplanes – who are old friends.
A fly-in is a chance to step back in time and see the airplanes that carried the mail, barnstormed the midwest, won World War II, or pioneered the airline routes. A fly-in, is. When you go to a fly-in, you see those old friends that you’ve flown with, or traded outrageous flying stories with – or you meet that aviation legend you read about as a kid.
If you haven’t, go to a fly-in. Breath a bit of the air that the barnstormers breathed, and experience the joy of wood covered with taut fabric. Experience new-old sights, and rediscover flying.
Ric Ryburn
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