Bobbi Boucher (Virginia)

Meet Bobbi Boucher,  A&P, IA, & CFI based at  Shannon Airport (EZF) Fredricksburg, VA and builder, pilot and owner of this RV-4.

Bobbi Boucher with her RV4

This white, pink and gold RV-4 pictured was built and test-flown by Bobbi Boucher over a period of six years – all 14,820 rivets; no quick-build for this girl!  The plane first flew in January 1998 and has since accumulated 402 hours.  N2QT is powered by a 160 horsepower Lycoming O-320 turning a fixed-pitch, wooden,  two-blade propeller by Aymar-Demuth. Bobbi knows her engine inside and out – she built it up herself.

Bobbi holds a Commercial Pilot certificate with ratings for Single and Multi-engine Land and Seaplanes, and is also a Certified Flight Instructor. She started out flying sailplanes, and first soloed in 1973.

She spent six years in the Navy working on P-3s, which enabled her to get her Airframe and Powerplant ratings. Thanks to the Navy, she was also able to get her Flight Engineer rating.

Bobbi also went to Africa, at the request of the World Wildlife Foundation, to build and fly a Beaver RX 550 ultralight aircraft for the Foundation.

She has also done a firewall-forward Lancair 320 and has built a Super Lancair ES with an IO-550 up front.

Bobbi has flown her RV-4 in five AirVenture Cup races, making her the most experienced female pilot and solo pilot in AirVenture Cup history.

Bobbi says her RV-4 is featured on page 18 of Kit Planes, May 2010 issue.  She also signed up for the Air Classic too!  Bobbi can be reached at her website, The Plane Doctor.

  • Susan
    Posted at 12:22h, 22 August Reply

    Sounds like you didn’t miss too much! You surely kept busy! Hopefully we’ll see you next time!!!


  • Bobbi Boucher
    Posted at 11:29h, 22 August Reply

    Hi : Wow I missed everything, Was going to do Airventure… but dakota hmmm finished up the wheel fairing to late, there is next year, Missed on taildragger too the weather was not very good over the hills to west … Allthough I was able to fly with Ms Terry Nitz in her cool 172 with all the mussel & hustle, you would want with the 210hp, Yes I put the engine in 5858R
    We did the air race claissic, 2010 we were 22 out of 51 not bad!!!

  • Judy Birchler
    Judy Birchler
    Posted at 16:16h, 24 May Reply

    Scott, great to see you on LadiesLoveTaildraggers! Summer’s finally here so we all need to get together for a day of 140 & Champ flying. Let us know when you can fly over to MQJ and I’ll throw some Nathan’s hotdogs on the grill and we’ll plan our big day. I can’t wait to meet Bobbi myself and am hoping she makes it to our summer flyin!

  • Scott Spencer
    Posted at 12:22h, 24 May Reply

    Bobbi is the best!
    I really enjoyed racing with/against her in the AirVenture Cup events! What a great lady and great pilot and she turns wrenches too!

    Miss seeing you, Bobbi!

    -Scott Spencer

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