Bonnie Johnson (Kansas)

Bonnie Johnson is based at 3KS5, High Point Airport, Valley Center, Kansas.

With my 1946 Luscombe 8A named “Fairlady”

My engagement ring was a 1946 Luscombe 8A (N71718). After marrying my husband I learned to fly “Fairlady”. I soloed her just before my 30th birthday. My checkride with the Luscombe was 6 months later. I have over 500 hours in her. Sad to say I had to sell her.

I lost my husband to Alzheimer’s March 12, 2012. Ed Merkel with his “Merkel Mark II Maverick”.

However, my taildragger time has not ended. I now fly my husband’s design, the Merkel Mark II Maverick. It is a marvelous aerobatic biplane.

Winning a Spot Landing contest in Fairlady!

It is safe to say I may have more taildragger (conventional) time than tricycle time.

Bonnie Johnson


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