Brenda Kroening: 10 Random things I love about my taildragger

Brenda Kroening has 10 great reasons to love a taildragger! Brenda’s based at New Richmond Regional Airport, Wisconsin.

#1 I love how I feel after flying my Super Cub.  Taildragger = Rush!

#2 I love my Cub Monkey hanging above Pat’s head.

#3  love my spinner bra!  And my adorable gal pal Lori!  Ok, so that’s a 2 for 1…

#4 The sun setting under my wing.  Makes my heart happy.

#5 Call me weird, but I like washing 84B!  A clean canvas begs to get dirty again!

#6 I LOVE the color scheme on my planes. Red & White is ALL-right!!

#7 Waking up under my wing is the coolest feeling.

#8 I get a lot of arm twisting to buy Bushwheels, but I love my 800’s!

#9 The black flat paint on top of the cowling.  No glare, no squinting!

#10 I really dig my shooting window.

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