Brittany Phillippe (Oregon)

Brittany is based at KBDN, Bend Municipal Airport, in Bend, OR. She’s 23 years old and although she just started flying a year ago, she already has her PPL and IFR! She says she found her passion for aviation about two years ago and has been loving every minute ever since.

Brittany just finished her tailwheel endorsement and got her spin endorsement at the same time. She says, “Flying taildraggers is the most fun I’ve had in a long time!” She is currently about 50 hours into her commercial training, and has close to 160 hours total time. She plans to get her CFI after finishing commercial and instruct for a bit. She then hopes to fly charter to get to the 1500 hour mark and fly for Horizon, eventually moving up to Alaska Air.

Aircraft flown: Cessna 172, Cessna 150, Cessna 120, Piper Cherokee, Piper Archer

Dream taildragger: CubCrafters XCub

Why I love taildraggers: Taildraggers are so fun! The maneuverability and ability to land anywhere make them so appealing to me. I love being adventurous: hiking and camping. So to add flying into the mix and being able to land anywhere and explore is incredible to me.

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