Bronson MacDonald (Colorado)

Bronson MacDonald is based at 34CD, Elk Park Ranch Airport, Allenspark, Colorado.

I’m single, 45 years old and live on an 80 acre ranch with a 1800’ grass airstrip, 34CD, aka Elk Park. I live here in trade for helping my friend maintain his off the grid house. I love to rock climb in addition to flying. Outgoing, friendly person who has been in customer service world since I was a kid.

Ratings: Commercial, multi & single engine, instrument, tailwheel

Aircraft flown: C177A Cardinal, C140, C172, C185 turbo, C-207, Piper Cherokee, Cirrus, Lancair, Quest Kodiak, Baron D-55, Citation 1, Citation V,

Dream taildragger: C185T

Thoughts on taildragging: Challenging but graceful, keeps you thinking at all times- you aren’t finished flying until the key is out. High wing, views, power, endless destinations.


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