Carla Yancey (Oregon)

Carla Yancey is based at KLMT, Crater Lake-Klamath Regional Airport, Klamath Falls, Oregon.

Super Cub at home 2017

Licensed real estate agent, living in Klamath Falls, Oregon. My hubby and I got our licenses back in the 1980’s. I recently got back into flying after taking time out to help run the family business and raise kids.

Taildraggers…….Having married into a crop dusting family, Ag-Cats were my first introduction into aviation. My first airplane was an old Stinson sitting in field that my father-in-law found while ferrying to a job. With lots of help we re-stored it, painted it Ag-Cat yellow with some cool black stripes and flew it for several years. Almost 30 years later my hubby and I have a Super Cub…yellow with cool black stripes.

Ratings: Airplane; Private, Commercial, Instrument, Ground Instructor

Aircraft flown:
Variety of trainers from a C-152 -182, C-140
Stinson 108-3
Nan-Chang CJ6
Bonanza P-model
Super Cub

Dream Taildragger: Super Cub

Bonanza Lake Almanor, CA


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