Caroline Allmark (UK)

2/6/11 I received this update from lady taildragger pilot, Caroline Allmark, and congratulations are in order – we have a new UK flight instructor!!

Just a little update for you. I now have a flight instructor rating and have a part time job. Im doing AOPA Aeros course too to then lift my restriction and do aero trial lessons. These will initially be on Fournier RF6 and Slingsby Firefly (which are nose wheel aircraft) but once experience and confidence is gained I can convert into Stompe, Boeing,  Stearman and Tiger Moths!! Now that will be exciting.

Hope u r flying lots too. It’s a bit windy in UK at moment 20 g 35 so not much this weekend.



October 9, 2010

Caroline Allmark is based at Wolverhampton Airport (EGBO) West Midlands, UK and flies a DynAero CR100.

“I hold a frozen ATPL and just starting the flight instructor course whilst looking for my first pilot job.  I have experience is Operations and cabin crew but still really want to be flying more often.  Someone I know has recently bought a Dynaero CR100 and I love flying that aircraft – it’s so much fun.  I have done some aeros but not yet completed a course.  That is the next stop after completing my FI course!!”

“I have just started the Flight Instructor Course and part of the course is to give a presentation on a flying subject I am interested in so I am currently researching tailwheel aircraft for my presentation.”

From, “The CR100 is a high speed aerobatic aircraft which doubles as a spacious two seat tourer. Built using a blend of traditional materials and Carbon Fibre it remains easy to build but gains the advantages of modern composites.”

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