Caroline Dougherty (Pennsylvania)

Caroline Dougherty is based at 8N1, Grimes Airport, Bethel, Pennsylvania.

Eagle Cockpit, New Garden

My entire life has been surrounded by aviation. My dad is a pilot and I grew up on a grass strip with my bedroom window overlooking the runway. I went for my first flight at the age of 2 and as I got older I loved when my dad would let be take the controls of the 1932 Taylor E-2 Cub. I started officially logging my flight time when I was 14, and I was very fortunate to have my dad as my instructor. When my 16th Birthday finally arrived, I made my first solo flight in a 1917 Curtiss Jenny powered by an OX-5 engine. Later that day I also soloed the E-2 Cub.

1917 Curtiss Jenny

I received my Pilot’s License about a year later and now I am working on my instrument rating. I also have a strong passion for aerobatics with dreams to compete and perform in airshows. My dad has started to teach me aerobatics, and he currently flies airshows in a Christen Eagle, as I travel with him and announce his performance.

Caroline Dougherty & dad Paul Dougherty

I am a senior in high school and I plan to major in Aerospace Engineering. My aviation accomplishments have taught me that any dream can be achieved with hard work, and I am excited for what the future will bring!

Here is the link to my first solo flight in a 100-year-old Jenny!

Ratings: Private Pilot’s License

Aircraft Flown:
1917 Curtiss Jenny
1932 Taylor E-2 Cub
Cessna 195
Christen Eagle
1930 Great Lakes
Cessna 150 (the wheel is in the wrong spot!)
Aeronca Champ
Super Decathlon
Extra 300L
Cessna 140
Luscome 8A
J-3 Cub
Culver Cadet
Taylorcraft BC-12D

Dream Taildragger: Extra 330LX

Flying with Patty Wagstaff
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