Caroline Penhallegon (Georgia)

Caroline Penhallegon is based at 4J5, Quitman Brooks County Airport, Quitman, Georgia.

I’m a student pilot who fell in love with seaplanes a year ago and became determined to fly one someday. In the interest of my bank account, I started flying with a local glider club a few months ago to learn the basics while I saved up for further lessons. I soloed in a glider a month ago, and have since transitioned into the (slightly) higher performance 1-26 single-place sailplane. Through the glider club, I’ve made a number of fortuitous aviation connections and am now logging hours toward my PPL; however, it’s been on an atypical schedule of cool loaner planes and volunteer CFI time.

My first logged powerplane flight was in a tailwheel Citabria. The fourth logged flight included a grass strip landing on an island off the Florida coast.

I most recently got to go up in a ’46 Piper Cub. The soaring club turned out to be an incredible blessing in disguise by opening doors I never dreamed I’d get to walk through at this phase in my training. (I dreaded doing the “flight school in a 172” route!) I have a strong interest in STOL/backcountry flying, and hope to weasel enough tailwheel time to get my TW endorsement concurrently with my PPL.

Student (PPL, PPL-G, and TW in progress)

Aircraft Flown:
Piper Cub J3
Citabria (American Champion and Bellanca models)
Vans RV-7
Schweizer 2-33 and 1-26 (gliders)

Dream Taildragger: de Havilland Beaver (on floats!)

I’ve always been active in the off-roading community, owning a variety of Jeeps, four wheelers, and dirt bikes. I’m also passionate about the outdoors and dream of exploring the most remote places left on earth. To me, there’s nothing more thrilling than taking a man-made machine and tackling the natural wild with it. The idea of an airplane that serves the same function makes my heart race!

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