Carolyn Walker Davis (California)

Carolyn Walker Davis is based at KDVO, Gnoss Field Airport, Novato, California.

Carolyn Walker Davis

New to the wonderful world of flying, I am a student pilot, flying as much as possible in taildraggers because they are such fun! After many years of looking down at the ground, minding three young daughters, raising puppies for The Guide Dogs for the Blind and running my architectural business, I am delighted to be able to look skyward. It’s the pure excitement of taking off, the feeling of soaring through the air over the beautiful scenery below and the always-a-new-challenge awaiting me that has given me such joy on this journey into the special world of flight. Each step leads me closer to the day when I will fly my own taildragger.

Carolyn Walker Davis 2

I know being a part of this group will reinforce my goals. I thank you for your organization!



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