Casey Erickson (California)

Casey Erickson is based at Redlands Municipal Airport (KREI), Redlands, California.

Casey Erickson & her Wolfpitts highly modified S1-S

I’m Casey Erickson, by weekday a boring cargo pilot, but on the weekends when I get too play, My Pitts Special S1-S (Wolfpitts 360 deg roll rate) with its 230HP Lycon is what I can be found flying. Oh sure, its short coupled and is the hardest aircraft I have ever landed (a challenge I could not imagine being without), but it is just pure joy in the air. And it sure does look cool on the ramp. Biplanes just wouldn’t look right on tricycle gear. They would look like……well…just wrong.

Batgirl on Pylon

Oh yeah, I almost forgot… home away from home. The Reno Air Races. Come every September, you will find me up there racing in the Biplane Class.

Midnight Storm Photo

2008 Rookie of the year was bestowed upon me, and I have never looked back. What a great bunch of pilots and fans up there. Stop by and see me in the Pitts if you make it up next time around.


Any more I prefer to only teach flying in Taildraggers of any kind. I’ve got time in Champs, Citabrias, Decathlons, Pitts (S1 & S2)….and many more mundane aircraft Like Cessna C150, C152, C170, C172, C182, C208, C414, C421, Piper Pa-28’s all flavors , Beech BE23, 24 Schwiezer 2-33, Grob, Robinson R22. Currently Working on my Multi ATP rating.

Video “Casey Erickson flies Pitts #8 in the Reno Air Races”

BatGirl from Joe Messinger on Vimeo.

  • Vanessa Nelson
    Posted at 13:33h, 12 October Reply

    Loved your video, Casey. With all the focus on the tragedy recently, this reminds me of what I loved about going to Reno. I think Pitts are just awesome anyway, and to see footage of a group of you racing around Stead field just brings a smile to my face. I fly a J-3 Cub out of Twin Oaks, in Oregon. If you come north to Oregon, let us Oregon LLT’s know and we’ll be happy to greet you! :0)

  • Lisa Martin
    Posted at 10:38h, 23 August Reply

    I’m starting to wonder if there are any other occupations out there that, as so often with professional pilots, they spend their weekends doing something very similar to what they do while working (ie: flying). The Reno Air Races would be fun some day.

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