Cathy Babis (Missouri)

Cathy Babis is based at H49, Sackman Field Airport, Columbia, Illinois.

I soloed in 1970. Private Pilot in 1971. All the others earned by 1979; Commercial ASEL/MEL/Instrument, CFI ASEL/MEL/II Gold Seal – expired, Air Traffic Control Tower Operator.  I was in the Army as ATC and lived in Germany for 3 years. 1974 broke both feet in a skydiving accident. The majority of my flying happened in southern California with most of that out of TOA – home of Robinson Helicopters and Bob Hoover. I’ve spent the last 17 years making FLIP (Instrument flight charts used by military pilots). I am about 6 months from retirement and have just purchased a RV!!! I’m looking forward to the next chapter!

I scuba dive and hold basic keelboat and coastal sailing certificates (only an idiot would let me take a boat bigger than a 12′ SunFish). In “retirement” I have several entrepreneurial businesses on the back burner that can be run out of an RV if I have an internet connection.

Aircraft flown: Cessna
Piper 140/PA-31/PA-23/pa-34/J-3/PA-38/
Citabria, Luscombe, Mooney M20E, Bellanca Viking, Pitts S2, Super Decathlon, Grumman AA5

Favorite taildragger:  Citabria

I flew in a J-3 at Red Stewart Airport with Red Stewart in the early 1970s. I didn’t get back to them until 1982. I love that you really have to fly them! A crooked landing is likely to end in a bent airplane.

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