Centennial of Women Pilots Event

From Mireille Goyer, Centennial of Women Pilots, Event Organizer

Dear Participants,

On December 5, Karlene Pettit is organizing a huge event in Renton, WA, with the goal of introducing between 150 and 1000 girls and women to flying.

I would like to ask everyone who has registered to contribute to this campaign to show his or her support for Karlene’s effort. Please conduct introductory flights at your local airport on December 5. If you can’t fly, please ask one of your pilot friends to take a girl or woman on an introductory flight for you.

Together, we will send a loud message: “Women pilots’ history does matter and is celebrated enthusiastically”. Let’s make sure that girls and women worldwide know that we welcome them to our unique world and are eager to share flying with them.

So mark your calendar, invite girls and women to fly, and on Sunday December 5, share flying with someone new.

Is there a better place to be than in an airplane, flying, on a Sunday?

Thank you for your generous support.

Mireille Goyer
Event Organizer

Here’s Karlene Petitt’s blog post about the event:

Flight to Success

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