Charleen Beam (California)

Charleen Beam is based at E45, Pine Mountain Lake Airport, Groveland, California.

Charleen Beam/Champ

Charleen Beam/Aeronca Champ

I currently fly a 1946 Aeronca Champ. I got my first ride in a J-3 Cub when I had about 10 hours of lessons and was completely hooked. Immediately after obtaining my Private Pilot’s license I got my taildragger rating. I have logged exactly zero hours in any other type of airplane…LOVE my taildragger!

Charleen w/Wayne Handley's Extra

Charleen w/Wayne Handley’s Extra 300L, also based at E45

I love going upside down with Wayne almost as much as I love flying my taildragger!

Charleen Beam

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