Chasing Earhart presents ‘Ann Pellegreno’s 50th Anniversary Presentation’

Thank you to both Ann Pellegreno and to Chris Williamson of the Chasing Earhart Project for making the following available.    

Ann Pellegreno and the 1937 Lockheed 10 Electra she flew around the world. Photo 1967 Annual Labor Day Fly-in of the Antique Airplane Association.

From ChasingEarhart: View Ann Holtgren Pellegreno’s lecture, using color slides, about her 1967 Earhart Commemorative Flight on the 30th anniversary of Amelia Earhart’s last flight in 1937. Ann presented this lecture in 2017, the 50th anniversary of her world flight on the Earhart Trail, during the Earhart Festival weekend in Atchison, Kansas. Amelia’s 120th birthday and the 80th anniversary of her last flight were also celebrated that weekend.

Chris Williamson, who will be producing a documentary on Amelia Earhart, has been collecting and preserving information on reams of paper and miles of film footage to prepare his extraordinary film. The research of Chris and his team is worldwide.

1937 Amelia Earhart top/1967 Ann Pellegreno bottom

Episode 71 continues our ICON series with both a regular audio release of the podcast AND a very special audio/video version of the podcast presented exclusively here on our YouTube channel.

This film is dedicated to the crew of the The 1967 Earhart Commemorative Flight: pilot, Ann Holtgren Pellegreno, copilot Bill Payne, navigator Bill Polhemus, and owner and restorer Lee Koepke.

All material contained in this presentation is owned by Ann Holtgren Pellegreno. A ChrisEvan Films production.

On the World Flight Trail: A 50th Anniversary Presentation by Ann Holtgren Pellegreno

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