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Here’s an update on Chelsea Stein Engberg, lady taildragger pilot from Santa Cruz, California from her website Go Inverted. Chelsea’s motto is to follow your dreams. In kindergarten she wanted to be a veterinarian, but by the time she saw Top Gun the next year she set her sights on the sky. After numerous letters (written in crayon) to President Reagan about why she thought women should be able to fly fighter jets, she became more and more interested in science and once she started flying in college, she became captivated with aviation. CHELSEA STEIN ENGBERG Chelsea recently completed her Masters Degree in Aeronautical Science (with a Human Factors emphasis) and is a currently awaiting a response to her application to the University of North Dakota’s PhD program in Aerospace Science.  As a dedicated aerobatic flight instructor and a competition aerobatic pilot Chelsea spends almost every waking minute of her life sharing her love of aviation and what she’s learned from it with others. Whether it be introducing someone to flight for the first time, teaching an aviation safety seminar, or practicing for an aerobatic competition, Chelsea is constantly doing whatever she can to learn and grow as a person, a pilot and an instructor.

Chelsea Stein Enberg and Michelle Kole (of 5g Aviation)

Chelsea Stein Enberg and Michelle Kole (of 5g Aviation)

Chelsea believes that chasing your dreams in the only way to success and personal satisfaction. With two wonderful parents and an amazing group of family and friends who have supported every idea she has had, Chelsea has been able to not only find, but make her passion her life. Whether it is aviation or medicine, art or culinary creations, Chelsea is convinced that if you have a passion you should follow it – because happiness lies within the things that drive you.

Paso Robles Aerobatic Contest 2010

With a fun-loving personality and outgoing and sarcastic sense of humor Chelsea loves to meet new people and share her love of aviation and life with everyone and anyone. She hopes through her flying, teaching and blogging she can help others attain their dreams in a safe, ethical and positive way.

Click here to contact Chelsea with questions or if interested in getting flight instruction, ground instruction or seminars. Go Inverted Commercial ASEL & AMEL, Instrument, CFI, MEI, AGI, IGI, CE-500 SIC

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