Judy’s Rans S-7 Update

Hey everybody, I’m getting some great flying in these days in my Rans S-7!!  I’ve adapted to the amazing rate of climb I get on solo take-off (1300′ + fpm) at 65 mph and the equally astounding rate of climb I get even with hefty passengers in the back (900′ + fpm). Right after I bought it, I’d pull the stick back to 60 – 65 mph and it’d climb so steep I’d hold my breath and just hang on! 🙂 I knew it was going to have great performance but after flying nothing but the Champ recently, it was a shock! I loved my Champ but the two of us never set any Rate of Climb records!

Departing 16 at MQJ

The Rotax 912 engine runs smooth but I make a lot more power adjustments to keep pitch and altitude than I ever did with a Continental.  The Rotax hums along straight and level at 5200 rpm at 112 or so and burns 5.2 gallons an hour. I’m just as happy zipping around no where in particular at 4900 rpm at 4.0 gph.

Touch & gos on 16

I’m constantly surprised how well it glides and wonder if I’d feel the same if the engine actually quit!

Love this shot!Â


Pretty near perfect evening to fly!

Haven’t flown with the doors open yet, but its coming!!

The Indy Airshow starts today at KMQJ and runs through the weekend. Laura Stantz will be flying a T-6 Texan. Come on by hangar 508-14 & 508-16 and say hi and have a hot dog with us . http://www.indyairshow.com/


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  • Lisa Martin
    Posted at 08:12h, 15 May Reply

    It looks gorgeous in the air, on the ground to but they just look more at home when they’re flying!

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