Chelsea Engberg (California)

Chelsea Engberg is based at Mesa Del Rey Airport, (KKIC) King City, California.

I’m a CFI and MEI focusing on aerobatics now. I typically fly an Extra 300L and sometimes a Pitts S2C and S2B. I also have opportunity to fly a J3 Cub and am in the process of selling a Cubcrafters Sport Cub for my company.

I think taildraggers are the best aircraft out there and am absolutely enthralled with aerobatics. I decided about 4 years ago that I wanted to dedicate my life to aerobatics and am working towards my goals of becoming a full-time aerobatic instructor and airshow pilot. I spend almost every waking moment at airports and every dime goes towards training…what can I say…I’m in love!

My job includes flight instruction & managing of a flight school, ferrying an airshow team’s ride Extra 300L around the country along with lots of other odds and ends!

I love meeting people who love flying and introducing those who haven’t gotten the bug yet to our wonderful world!


  • Dan Deutermann
    Posted at 18:25h, 15 January Reply

    I was trying to find out more about the program you mentioned to me following the class the other day. I hope to hear from you after the ASO program to get your thoughts on the experience and how you may be able to apply the info. Good to meet you.

  • Chelsea
    Posted at 14:12h, 05 May Reply

    Thanks Susan!

    I am very very luck and love every second of my job! Thanks for the support, the road to flying airshows is not the fastest but it is a blast and as long as I do it safely I’m a happy girl!

    I’m actually flying the airshow team’s Extra to Warrenton, VA starting tomorrow but not sure we’re going to end up passing through Dayton (may have to stay south due to weather). But, I will definitely let you know if I ever get to stop in!

    Have a great one!


  • Susan
    Posted at 22:09h, 03 May Reply

    Welcome Chelsea!!

    Sounds like to you get a LOT of flying time in — that is awesome! Can’t wait to see your name on the big boards for the airshow circuit!!! Give em heck out there!!!

    Hope your travels might allow you to make it to the midwest sometime! If you’re ever passing through Dayton…give us a holler!:)


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