Cheryl Kraemer (Texas)

Cheryl Kraemer is based at 2KL, Sunrise Beach Airport, Sunrise Beach Village, Texas, and looking forward to getting her tailwheel endorsement.

Sunrise Beach Airport, Texas
We live on an airport and I am looking forward to getting my Tailwheel Endorsement so I can spin the prop and get back in the air.

I got my private in 2000. Life was busy working full time and flying took the back seat. When I retired in 2015 we bought a Grumman Tiger, I got current and got back in the left seat! Now our flying is just local and we are no longer into the long cross country trips. We sold the Tiger and have a Cub to fly.

I have been in the 99s for many years and love how we support each other. I also am active with the AYA in which we have many great friends.

Ratings: Private Pilot

Aircraft flown:
Cessna 150
Beechcraft Sundowner
Grumman Tiger

Dream Taildragger: Piper Cub

While living on the Sugar Plantation, we had a grass strip in our back yard. We have a 1947 Piper Cub we would take up in the evenings. It was so peaceful and you can see everything! Just fun to fly!

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