Chris Dawe (Arkansas)

Chris Dawe is based at 42A, Melbourne Municipal Airport, Melbourne, Arkansas.

Chris Dawe ‘self portrait’ flying my Cherokee PA-28

I received my certificate in 2000 flying 152’s, 172’s and a Citabria, although I never got my tailwheel endorsement. I currently own a PA-28 Piper Cherokee and an L29 jet, but I am looking for a Citabria.

N11CD, 1970 Aerovodochody L-29 DELFIN

My husband is a retired naval aviator and current college president. The Cherokee just doesn’t have enough juice for him, so last year we got the L-29. It takes at least 500 hours and a type rating, which I am working on, but I am currently not rated. It is a two-seater that has all the same controls in the back, which I fly from regularly.  My husband Rich got his type rating about a month after we got the plane last year.  We’ve done one air show (St. Joseph, MO) so far, with plans for at least one more this year. I always wanted to be a military pilot and I suppose lived vicariously through my husband’s career. I never dreamed at 55 I’d be flying a jet. Life is indeed awesome!


Here are two videos of my last instruction flight in the L-29. The videos are fun and taken by my husband Richard. Bill Geiple (FedEx pilot) is my instructor and in the rear cockpit in the videos.

Chris L-29 instructional take-off.

Chris shutting the L-29 engine down.

I love this site and look forward to visiting it often.

Chris Dawe

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