Christina Tindle (Idaho)

Welcome back to LadiesLoveTaildraggers Christina!

Christina Tindle took a time-out from flying while she was dealing with life but she’s back and rockin the world again. 🙂

Christina is based at KSUN, Friedman Memorial Airport, Hailey, Idaho.


I earned my pilot’s certificate 21 years ago in Steamboat Springs, Colorado and owned several nose wheel aircraft over the years. I switched to a taildragger in 2005 and flew an American Champion Scout for 7 years. There’s no going back. I prefer the complexity and romance of taildraggers. Then my beautiful plane was stolen and I endured nearly three years of rental pool flying which never included taildraggers due to insurance. Thankfully I made a couple friends with taildraggers.


After saving dutifully, I got into a Piper Pacer, the clipped wing, short coupled, twitchy bird. This aircraft teaches more about flying than my 182, TU206, or even my Scout. Because it’s lower hp than I’ve been accustomed, short winged, and likes to “chase rabbits” on landing, I realized a whole new meaning for PIC. Other aircraft I had with more horsepower got me into/out of situations almost mindlessly in comparison while the Pacer requires absolute focus and finesse. I’m grateful to be back in the skies and honing even better pilot skills.


The theft matters little now because nobody can keep any of us out of the cockpit but ourself. It may take restructuring life, a move to safer waters, reopen a business in new territory, make new friends, and rebuild credit from ground zero, but struggles vanished the moment I flew the Pacer. Every flight is memorable and I feel grateful on a deeper level and appreciate every single landing. As my favorite aunt always said, you can’t keep a good woman down. Then I add, especially when we belong aloft.

I look forward to flying with you all! My first big adventure is this year’s Air Race Classic. I believe I’m the slowest plane registered. No matter. I’m doing it for the fun and learning. The cross country from Idaho to VA and then return to Idaho from AL will be a highlight too. It is an official reclaiming of my aviation life. This adventure stands for more than just hours across the USA. It stand for personal resilience and joy. Afterwards, I have several backcountry adventures to backpack, hike, and swim in the Idaho wilderness. Glad to be a part of LLT again after so long. Happy to have so many taildragger friends who GET IT.


I offer symposiums and articles on Woman Wise Airmanship Adventures (WWAA). The next adventure offered is this summer at Smiley Creek, Idaho July 16 – 19. See the announcement on this website or go to and click on WWAA tab. Enjoy the video and the brochure. I hope to see you there! It’s tons of fun, amazing learning, and the connections are abundant. Flying well is less about hours flown than quality of learning during those flights. We explore all sorts of new research, ideas, and fun! Check it out.

 Woman Wise Airmanship Adventure 2015

Christina Tindle
Piper Pacer Pilot!

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