Christina Tindle’s Woman Wise AWEsome Adventures Workshop

Christina Tindle’s
2017 Woman Wise AWEsome Adventures Workshop!
July 6 – 9, 2017
Cascade, Idaho

In this workshop, Aviation is a tool that propels participants to push performance ….and joy, the Adventure-STEM way.


WWAA 2017 will be in Cascade, Idaho this summer for access to Cascade Lake (about 60 miles N of Boise) for float plane instruction. Everyone will stay at the lovely Ashley Inn with a group rate just for this event. Ladies may bunk as many as 4 per room to help with costs. Colleen, the massage therapist, returns again with her outdoor tent. And new this year is optional sunrise yoga.

Floatplane instruction will be by OUR OWN Lisa Martin, Rich Stowell on aerobatics-spin-emergency maneuvers, Rich Bush on backcountry aviation, and Cammie Patch with Gyro. Currency and tailwheel transitions available also so there’s something for everyone!

WWAA 2017 BROCHURE (Download)

Woman Wise AWEsome Adventures Information 

Fun video of previous fly-in!

Aviation STEAM Adventure?

Women are often discouraged from risk or difficult subjects like science-technology-engineering-art-math (STEAM). This robs women of self-reliance, the foundation of confidence. How a woman faces challenge determines how well she masters life…or flying. Aviation is used to demonstrate how to reach overall personal excellence in life.

This adventure weekend will diminish fears, boost confidence, improve judgement, increase reaction time, and reveal passion-based life purpose. It’s unique, effective, applies to all you do…and is a blast!

While there are many reasons women fly—or become mathematicians, computers, engineers, or scientists—the low number of women pilots today is sad given that aviatrix were once a focal point during the Golden Age of Aviation where STEAM sparkled. Let’s encourage more women out of the proverbial kitchen and into the cockpit of their own life.

An Exhilaratingly Fun and Freeing Learning Experience

“…Enthusiasm is bubbling over me since attending this camp-on-steroids… Yet upon arriving home from Smiley Creek, the thought or phrase I most often cannot suppress is “I am not alone… The WWAA has bumped my mental toughness up a good 10 notches… and my spirit is soaring. I’ll be back, God willing.”

Lisa Martin, WY

Make Your Reservations


$349/person (before April 1, 2017)


$399/person (after April 1, 2017)

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Cost varies upon room occupancy. Contact Ashley Inn below to book your room your way.

  1. Flight instruction/Lodging/Meals

are “a la carte” and basis for the STEAM method to overcome fears and embrace excellence. Happiness was never so easy.

500 North Main Street

Cascade, ID 83611

(208) 382-5621

http:/ /

“In the months following the WWAA workshop, I am still awe struck living from a new perspective. Unexpected insights were born in the intimacy, compassion, and warmth of this collaborative learning experience. The choice to adventure with highly motivated and creative women has inspired me to grow in striking new ways and to deconstruct limiting beliefs. Through greater self-awareness, achieved within the safety of a dynamic group, my soul is overflowing with creativity and passion.”

 With gratitude, Laura Adam

Woman Wise AWEsome Adventures

From Blah to KA-BOOM!


Cascade, Idaho (U70)

JULY 6-9, 2017

Powerful and fun way to identify passion, rid fears, improve judgement, lift confidence, expand competence, clarify purpose …and fly planes!


Christina Tindle, LPC

Adventurer, Bush Pilot, Counselor, Author


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Symposium Itinerary

DAY 1: Arrival

  • Check into Lodging
  • 2:30 Welcome Greeting Conference Meet adventure instructors, FLY IDAHO discussion
  • 5pm – 6pm Dinner
  • 7pm: How STEAM adventures shapes personal excellence


  • Morning adventures
  • Lunch 12:30 – 2
  • 2:15 Awe inspired Happiness Ratio
  • Changing Personal Narratives for Excellence
  • Bust fear for good
  • Dinner
  • Debrief: Benefits of Leadership the female way


  • Morning adventures
  • Lunch 12:30 – 2
  • 2:15 Wonder model for sustained change
  • Bliss tolerance and “Attitools”
  • On final for excellence
  • Debrief


  • Morning adventures
  • Lunch & debrief 11 – 12

Honors and awards


Flight Review


Available: Onsite Sunrise Yoga and Massage!

Adventure Instructors & Speakers

../../../../../../../Desktop/Stowell.jpegRich Stowell

Spin training, EMT, aerobatics

Rich’s Bio

Rich Bush

Backcountry Aviation

Lisa Martin

Float plane & backcountry flights

Cammie Patch

Gyro, instruments, backcountry

Sally Demasi


…And Special Guest Keynote Speaker…

“A Once Famous Aviator”

Christina Tindle, LPC, Bush Pilot, Adventurer, and Author

Christina’s enchanting training offers refreshing mix of fluid dynamics and natural laws from STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) with positive psychology, cognitive-bias training, mindfulness skills, communication theory, leadership theory, humor, and compassion practice. This fusion creates lasting personal transformation. Experience how this evidence-based fun approach transforms you into your best self. Learning and personal development accelerate within the context of a safe, supportive, and uplifting environment.

Forget the “no pain, no gain” motto. Participants evolve through laughter, connection, awe, and managed risk-taking. This is a refreshing lifelong practice for excellence and joy…it works.

Learn to reframe challenges into positivity that reveal individual strengths and passions and build direction, momentum, happiness, leadership, creativity, health, wealth, and peak performance. Christina’s aim is personal excellence that radiates from inner happiness. Her style is fun and dynamic. Experience an epiphany of your unique competency and compassion.

Christina Tindle
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