Christine Malcomson-Young (California)

Christine Malcomson-Young is based at KHWD, Hayward Executive Airport, Hayward, California.

Peppermint Patty, our 1950 Cessna 140-A

Hi! I am a professional pilot flying for a major US airline. I learned to fly in the 90’s, flight instructed, and have flown for a regional, national, and fractional companies before joining my current company. In 2008, I received my tailwheel endorsement and then didn’t touch another tailwheel for years.

In December of 2015, my husband and I solved that by buying a beautiful 1950 Cessna 140-A that I have dubbed Peppermint Patty. She turns heads wherever we go!

1946 Aeronca Champ

ATP Airplane MEL
Comm Airplane SEL

Aircraft flown: A variety of Cessna and Piper training aircraft, Saab-340 Turboprop, Challenger 300, Lear 45 and Boeing 737.

Dream taildragger: Beech-18

Thoughts on taildragging: I love how they humble and challenge me!

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