Christmas Presents for a Taildraggin’ Lady

Greetings from one of our lady Champ pilots in the UK, Nic Orchard!

“I hope everyone had the Christmas they wanted and wish all the ladies a great, flyable 2013.  It’s been so wet here that there are few grass runways usable, alas.  I cannot remember a winter in which I’ve flown so little.”

I just thought I’d add to the Christmas presents theme:  my best beloved gave me a torque wrench, split pins, and all the associated tools to make a dedicated propeller care kit.

It seems I’m to go solo on it…..

‘Course he does have a vested interest as he bought me the new propeller recently.

Aviation presents don’t get a lot better than that, except for those like Dee’s, although many years ago I was given a beautiful ash skid for my glider, which was just as wonderful at the time.


Nic taxiing her “Champ Chump”

Nic Orchard

Wish I was flying, aren’t we?

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