Christy Anderson (Arkansas)

Christy Anderson is based at KORK, North Little Rock Municipal Airport, North Little Rock, Arkansas.

I am 50ish. I solo’d at 24, earned PPL at 25. When I told my mom that I was learning to fly she said “if you want to fly why don’t you just become a stewardess.” I told her that I didn’t want to ride, I wanted to be in charge and actually do the flying!

Crazy Cub Hair

I married my flight instructor. We own a 135 operation – we specialize in helicopter/UAV services for the public utility industry. We have 2 sons. One is a pilot and mechanical engineer, the other is a soon-to-be famous musician in Nashville.

Glider solo

I have had long periods of time where I have not flown due to family demands, and staying current became one more dadgum thing I had to do. But that is about to change. Rusty Pilot no more.

I’m hoping to make new aviation girlfriends. If you’re ever in the area, give me a call.

Ratings: Private – SEL, Glider

Aircraft flown?…. as in by myself? Or have time in… Let’s see.
Bell 206 helicopter
Stearman biplane
A bunch more but that would require the other log book

Dream taildragger: A Great Lakes Biplane and my J3

Thoughts on taildragging: Because they are just more fun, a lot more challenging, and people think you’re badass if you fly one.

Propeller outfit

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