Christy Lesko (Georgia)

Christy Lesko is based at KABY, Southwest Georgia Regional Airport, Albany, Georgia.


I started out in maintenance as a crew chief on several different aircraft in both the Air Force and the Army. As a civilian I completed my A&P then IA and traveled extensively working on private jets & helicopters. I’m currently a QC Inspector at Thrush Aircraft (we build ag planes). I also like to volunteer with a few different warbird non-profits where I can volunteer and trade A&P time for flight time. This helps me build ferry time and experience amazing aircraft that I otherwise would not be able to. Sometimes it’s a lot of selling rides and t-shirts at airshows, but the people and aircraft I meet along the way are the heart and soul of our taildraggin’ world!


While I’m in the process of completing my instrument & commercial ratings, my new goal is to become an aerial applicator. Not only are there too few lady taildragger pilots, there are even fewer lady ag pilots. I’m currently working my way up at Thrush and I’m bound and determined to be their first female staff pilot!!


Ratings: PPL, ASEL, Tailwheel, high performance & complex endorsements


Aircraft Flown:
Tailwheel: Super Cub, Super-D, &KCAB,Extra300L, AT-6, PT-17, L-5, AD-5, P-51
Nosewheel: C150,152,172,208BEX, 210, PA-28, B-25 J&H

Dream Taildragger: A turbine Thrush 510P & an Iomax ArchAngel.


I discovered my passion for taildraggers after I spent most of my career in maintenance. I got a lot of “bootleg” time ferrying & on maintenance flights, but when I officially got my certificate, I really began to appreciate taildraggers and warbirds. I love the beautiful aircraft and the challenge of flying them. I believe they are the true grassroots, where it all began.


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