Christy Lichtenstein flying her S1-S Pitts

All those pilots who say, “Keep the oily side down” don’t know LLT member Christy Lichtenstein. Christy is from California, is a pilot, bass guitarist and a chef.  “When I’m not playing bass or cooking, I’m usually flying or detailing my airplanes. I have a restored 1946 Cessna 140 and an experimental Pitts S1-S“.Christy Lichtenstein FB upside downI recently came across one of Christy’s many YouTube S1-S videos and it blew me away. FYI, search YouTube and you’ll find her doing all kind of extreme aerobatics as well as HO2 skipping, landing on skis on a frozen lake in Alaska, flying formation with a J3 Cub over Hollywood and dancing her C140 down the runway, one wheel at a time. OH, and plenty of rocking it and cooking too!

Oh, there’s more. Stay tuned for the inverted spins! Christy Lichtenstein Pitts FB

Thanks Christy for inspiring us all. Keep it up girl!! Christy Lichtenstein Pitts

I mostly fly for fun, and like to make videos of my flying to share with everyone.  My videos include aerobatics, skis, floats, bush wheels, and some other stuff. On the YouTube page, there are many videos where I both play the bass guitar & was the pilot. These are aerobatic, fun stuff, and Alaska flying.  Check out my website and YouTube Page: &  Christy’s YouTube Page

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