CloudStreet “Soaring the American West”

CloudStreet calls this little video a teaser … and oh what a teaser it is! If you get excited every time you fly, if you think the best seat in the house is whatever you’re flying today, if you love spectacular scenery and appreciate top notch film making, you’re in the right place.Video from CloudStreet and produced by PBS station KNME in Albuquerque, NM.



CloudStreet is a stunning high-definition documentary featuring the beauty and drama of a soaring adventure in the American West, as unbelievably serene as it is thrilling.

Using newly developed camera platforms and high definition camera technology, CloudStreet gives our viewers the sensation of being in the cockpit of a sailplane and the extraordinary experience of soaring along the southern Rocky Mountains of New Mexico and Colorado.

Our goal is to share the beauty, challenge and excitement of soaring with as broad an audience as possible.  We plan to engage viewers with a dramatic story that places them in the cockpit of a glider via the exceptional quality of High Definition Television, and the spectacular scenery of the National Parks of the American West.

If you would like to learn more about how to support this documentary, as a business or individual, please contact Michael Kamins, Executive Producer at 505-277-0434 or at

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