Coby Sena (California)

Welcome to Coby Sena, another lady taildragger pilot from Reid-Hillview Airport! (KRHV) San Jose, California.

This picture was taken at a mountain airstrip at Constanza, Dominican Republic. In the picture with me is my instructor Andrew Dilworth (www. with his Cessna 180 (nicknamed “Cisco”). We spent a glorious week flying his plane around the DR and then flew it back home to California.  Truly a dream trip for a tailwheel loving pilot!

I gave myself flying lessons for my 50th birthday, 5 years ago. Although I learned in tricycle gear (and own a Cessna 182), I wanted to learn tailwheel. My instructor and good friend has a Cessna 180, and I learned tailwheel in that plane. I absolutely love flying the C180 and do so every chance I get.

I’m aiming to take my CFI checkride in June, so everyone – send good mental vibes my way. It’s a lot of work (and I’m not a youngster anymore) but I love sharing my passion for flying and look forward to instructing.

I am also a mission pilot in Civil Air Patrol and highly encourage more women pilots in the USA to become involved in CAP. We are greatly under-represented in that organization and need to change that.

This picture is a shot of the airstrip as we were dipping in over the mountain to come in for landing. It was a real “roller coaster” runway!

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