Cookie Neumann (Illinois)

Cookie Neumann is based at KSLO, Salem-Leckrone Airport, Salem, Illinois.


I learned to fly when I turned 40. At the time, I attributed the strong desire to learn to fly with possibly being in the throws of a “midlife crisis”, but in retrospect I see it had actually been something I needed to go through to grow up and to learn more about who I was. I had always wanted to fly, but it wasn’t until my children were almost grown that I was able to take to the air. At that point, I jumped in with both feet. I got a job working for a small flight school and was able to earn my private and multiengine ratings.


My instructor encouraged me to get my ground instructors licenses, which of course I did. Knowing that I did not want to be a commercially paid pilot, but still wanting to work in the aviation industry, I earned my Aircraft Dispatcher rating went on to work for the airlines in that capacity and loved every minute of it. I do not have a tail wheel endorsement at the moment (never had an opportunity) but am having a blast flying a J3 Cub and am working on it now. I know I got into aviation at a later age, but I have been totally blessed by doing so.

My Dream Taildragger:  Waco Biplane and J3 Cub

Aircraft Flown:  C-172, C-150, Piper Seneca, J3 Cub

I love taildraggers for the role they have played in aviation history. I especially love the Cub and biplanes for all their romance and for the freedom and more simpler way to fly.

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