Cross-Country on the Cheap!

If you love flying to new places and meeting new people, read on. If your love of flying means, like most, ya gotta do it on-the-cheap, keep reading. Best yet, if you’d like your personal flying adventures to inspire other ladies to fly, I have some very good news. There’s a way to make it happen and LadiesLoveTaildraggers is behind you 100%!


Photo: Amber Phillips

For those with access to an airplane, it’s possible to cross the U.S. by air for fewer dollars than you might think. I’m talking about your own personal flying adventures — on the cheap! Granted, fuel is going to set you back but what if your overnight accommodations were free, and possibly your ground transportation too? What if flying buddies you didn’t even know you had, welcomed you with open arms, showed you around, put you up in their extra bedroom(s) and talked flying with you for hours? Would you do it? For that connection, would you also consider writing a simple blog post, snapping a few awesome pictures and submitting them to this website? I hope so because a weekend adventure or even a coast to coast adventure is possible if you know the secret; the LadiesLoveTaildraggers’ Bed, Breakfast & Beyond Travel registry.

Donna Miller, PT-22, Texas

Following are just a few of the many offers to make you rethink staying home, let alone paying for expensive hotels or, heaven forbid, camping under your airplane’s wing! These offers and many more can be found in our Bed, Breakfast & Beyond Travel registry.

Chocolate Fest at Burlington, WI

LadiesLoveTaildraggers’ Wisconsin Host Pilot: “We are empty nesters and have 2 spare bedrooms; one is beach themed and has a queen size bed and the other is a cottage themed with 2 twins. These bedrooms share a bathroom. Our home sits on 10 acres. Very peaceful and beautiful. We have an above ground pool as well. Our home is about 5 minutes from the airport. Burlington is known as Chocolate City USA! We are also about 10 minutes from Lake Geneva, a well known tourist destination. We enjoy traveling and hearing about other peoples travels. We prefer no pets please.”

Tacoma, Washington, Mt. Rainier

LadiesLoveTaildraggers’ Washington State Host Pilots: “We are about 3 minutes drive from KTIW, we have a 2nd bedroom and bath available in our home, as well as a pull out bed at our hangar right on the airport. It’s a little walk to the restroom for that one. We have two small dogs in the home with us and it’s a very quiet community. We are about ten minutes from downtown Tacoma and about 45 minutes from Seattle as long as it is not rush hour. We are both pilots and can make great recommendations for nearby airports to explore and places within the community here and the state.”
“Late night arrivals might be a little difficult for us as we both work. We may have an extra vehicle for day trips.” Airport has Courtesy car available. 

Talkeetna, Alaska

LadiesLoveTaildraggers’ Alaskan Host Pilots: “We have a comfortable home on a lake with a dock for float planes, and are 5 road-miles from town center, where you can get fuel, mix with mountain climbers and tourists and enjoy a variety of restaurants and local adventures. We are both pilots, no kids or pets, no smoking at the house, but really like meeting other pilots and hearing about their airplanes and travels. PATK has transient parking and fuel. You can walk to town from there, or we can pick you up. There is a float plane/ski plane school across the lake from us.”

St. Lazare, CST3

LadiesLoveTaildraggers’ has Canadian Host Pilots as well: “We are 20 minutes away from Pierre-Elliott Trudeau International Airport (CYUL), but our preferred local airport is St. Lazare (CST3 – fuel available!) which is also close by. Montreal is a great city in all seasons, albeit some winters as this one (2018) can feel a little like Syberia! But all in all, the city is vibrant, there are two gliding clubs nearby and many taildragger enthusiasts. 
Our passion lies in old aircraft and old cars, motorcycles, lawnmowers, snowblowers, chainsaws, you name it! (John once said that life’s complexities are directly proportional to the amount of spark plugs in use!) 
We also have 2 children that are almost all grown up. No dogs yet…
Our home was built in 1894 and therefore has the charm that goes with it. We have a spare bedroom with a double bed. There is one bathroom and a second “powder room”.

Welcome to Whitehorse, Yukon

LadiesLoveTaildraggers’ Whitehorse CYXY, Canada Host Pilots. Sarah and husband Kyle are happy to host everyone in their home. Courtesy car available.
“Hi ALL!! My husband Kyle and I love finding N# registered airplanes hanging out at the fuel tanks in Whitehorse OR down at Schwatka Lake Seaplane Base looking for a place to stay or helpful local knowledge! We know what it’s like flying into an unfamiliar airport after a long day of flying and can appreciate a smile and a cold beer or glass of whiskey. 
Kyle and I run an aircraft maintenance shop here in Whitehorse at the International airport and would be happy and delighted to help in any way we can! Cheers from the Canadian side!
-Our hangar is the Dark Green one on Taxiway Golf!
-Also, smoking is fine with us but just not inside the house. 
-We have two dogs (husky & border collie) and extremely outgoing cat who LOVES the airplane!”

As you can see, it’s no secret but may be time to shed some light on our LadiesLoveTaildraggers’ Bed, Breakfast & Beyond registry that connects local pilots at their home airports to aviators flying cross-country. Many host pilots are happy to open their homes for an overnight stay, provide transportation, share a meal, or show off local sights. Our Google Map shows a marker for each host pilot at their home airport, contact info and specifics about what they’d like to share with their flying guests. Our registry includes both women and men host pilots shown as pink or blue markers.

Consider registering as a Host Pilot or search the link to connect with host pilots you would like to connect with.

Please help me build our data base of Host Pilots and encourage more X-country flying by sending your pictures and flying blog stories to

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