Dan Wilkins: 8 Random things I love about flying my taildragger

Men’s day on LadiesLoveTaildraggers continues. Meet Dan Wilkins from Portland, Pennsylvania and his 1946 Aeronca Champ 7AC. Dan, you are soooo right-on with your 8 random reasons you love flying your taildragger!! We understand.

#1 It looks like a fun airplane to fly and is.

#2 It is simple and a great example of a technology from a more relaxed era.

#3 Not everyone can fly a taildragger and I can.

#4 I like to wipe the bugs, grass and goose “_ _ _ _” off of its fine skin. All are found at the little grass strip that houses my Aeronca.

#5 It sips fuel while giving me an excellent view of the landscape.

Low & Slow

#6 It gathers a crowd.

#7 It can go low and slow.

#8 It slips like a “champ”

Check out Dan’s YouTube video. He tells me “ When I visit other grass fields, I just need to clear cows and/or fences. But those trees teach me to slip “like a champ”.

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