Dave’s Clipper!

Ladies, I got a call yesterday from my friend Dave Hoepfinger and was tickled to hear he’s checking out Ladies Love Taildraggers regularly! He gave us all kudos on how far we’ve come since I first met him in the summer of 2009 when I visited Sparta KSAR.  I have to show you the truly beautiful, very cool, Piper PA-16 Clipper he was flying the day I met him.

You just can’t make new friends who are flying beautiful taildraggers and not line ’em up for a photo op. Here’s Dave & his Clipper, me and the Happy Champ & Diana Votow and her Cubcrafters Sport Cub.

Dave called me to chat about another interesting taildragger but mentioned his Clipper is available to a good home … make that a really good home! I wanted to spread the word that his beautiful 1949 PA-16 is for sale, especially since spring is coming; the most popular time to shop for a different airplane. (Lady taildraggers, this is a good time to remind you to please send me pictures if you’re buying or flying a different airplane!)

Dave Hoepfinger and his Clipper

I thought about it myself last fall and might even own this beautiful airplane right now if it wasn’t for having somebody sitting so close infringing on my space! You know I’m all about tandem airplanes!  The Clipper is the fore runner of the Pacer and the Tri Pacer. Piper got sued by PanAm for using the name Clipper (their flying boat) so they renamed it the Piper Pacer and installed yoke controls instead of the sticks.

Dave, you’re looking good and so is that Clipper!

And my very favorite picture of all…….

Setting up for the perfect landing…..hold it – hold it – hold it…..


1949 Piper Clipper PA-16
S/N# 386 3977TT
Stits Fabric in 1997
Aerothane finish
Custom Velour interior seats
Sensenich Prop 74DM6-0-56 (Rebuilt 08/06)
Propeller balanced on 10/19/2007
O-290-D2engine (337)
TTE 2290 SMOH 510 STOH 96
New Slick Mags and Harness 08/2008
Brackett Air filter STC
Oil filter conversion STC
Rapco vacuum pump
New Sealed struts in 01/2005 STC
Wingtip strobes w/powerpack behind baggage area
(Aero Flash) STC
Cleveland Wheel and Brake Kit 199-071 6 Bolt 08/2008
Goodyear 8.50×6 Tires (337)
Shoulder harness for front seats (Wag-Aero PMA’s)
Concorde Battery 2008
Fiberglass wheel pants (for Cleveland 6×6)
Two 18 gallon wing tanks
Alaskan Bush Wheel Inc. Tailwheel Assembly 3224A (06/2008)
All stainless cables
Airtex carpeting and headliner
Edo Aire DG
MX-11 (by TKM) digital comm. Radio (w/flip flop)
AT-150 Narco Transponder (337)
Ak-350 Ameri-King Blind Encoder (new in 11/2002) (337)
PS engineering PM501 intercom
Aircraft completely rebuilt in 1997. Airframe sandblasted and epoxy primed with
Randolph Epibond. Boot cowling fabricated new. Instrument panel new. All fuel lines
new 3003 3/8” tubing. New bungee cords installed in 06/2007. All wiring in aircraft
replaced with new mil-spec wire. No ribs spliced at rebuild, several new Univair ribs
installed. Original logbooks since new in 1949
Also Included: New Cleveland brakes/wheels
New 8.50×6 Goodyear tires and tubes (mounted)
Also have Air Trac 6.00×6 tires and tubes (mounted)
New Alaskan Bushwheel Inc 3224A Tailwheel assembly
Lowrance Airmap 1000 GPS
Dave Hoepfinger 618-803-8333
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