Day 2, Haunted Flying Tour

Monday, Day 2 of our LadiesLoveTaildraggers Haunted Flying Tour, we happily welcomed 4 more fliers to our growing group. We’re 16 strong now and loving it every time a new plane shows up and joins our gaggle.  Cheers to all the gals who fought rain and low ceilings to get here. Patience paid off! Welcome to CarolAnn Garrett who flew her Rans S-7S from Florida, Dee Ann Ediger and Ken Hollrah who flew their C182 from Ohio, Kathy Royer who flew her RV8 from Florida, and Lisa Allen who came the furthest in her Scout from Idaho. Very exciting to see our group grow from just 5 aircraft two days ago to 16 today.

The best part of a Flying Tour is (you guessed it) flying our birds! This little video is a glimpse of one of the wonderful things I saw through the window of my Decathlon today; Hella Comat zipping by me enroute to Texas in her Pitts S-1T.

Pine Bluff, Arkansas turned out to be a great stop for us to refuel, have some seriously southern cookin’ and wait out low ceilings to our south.

Grider Field, Pine Bluff, AR fuel and lunch stop

Unfortunately we’re missing a few of our gals in this picture but you can tell there’s never a dull moment this week.

A little fun at Grider Field.

Lunch line at Grider Field Restaurant. Get there early or go hungry. It’s one very popular airport restaurant.

Yep, the shoes just keep on coming!

Waiting for the door to open at Grider Field Restaurant. 4 LLTers and the lady who wears many hats; proprietor, master cook and friend to all.

Our overflow crowd in the FBO lobby.

Local catfish, plus cabbage, sweet potatoes and cornbread.

I can’t say enough great things about Cypress River Airport, 24F, and the small town of Jefferson, Texas. This tiny metropolis of 2200 has wrapped its arms around us and jumped through hoops to make sure we have everything we need. I was smitten when I taxied up to the pump, hopped out and saw a “Welcome Ladies Love Taildraggers” banner. Now that’s just cool!  My contact here, Mary Keasler, has organized a group of ladies to transport all of us to and from town for an overnight at the Excelsior House, dinner at McGarity’s Saloon, and a Haunted Walking Tour. Airport Manager Ted McKinnen also made their courtesy car available to us for our entire visit.

And it just keeps getting better and better. A ladies’ group made gift bags for our ladies with some special Texas treats. The mayor of Jefferson, Texas officially welcomed LadiesLoveTaildraggers to Jefferson, Texas during our evening dinner at McGarity’s Saloon. Oh yes, and the local Fox/NBC affiliate came to the airport and filmed, then met us at McGarity’s Saloon to do a TV interview. We’re all starting to feel like celebrities here!

Kathy Royer’s RV8 tail art

Yes, you guessed it, we’re having a fabulous time. So much so there’s hardly a moment to spare. More about Jefferson will have to wait for a follow up post about great places everyone can visit. In the meantime, we’re off. Mineola Weisner Airport, here we come!!

CarolAnn Garrett and her Rans S7S

Our first Haunted Ghost Tour, Jefferson, TX!

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