Day 3, Haunted Flying Tour

Kelly Jeffries is at it again, this time rapping “A Haunted Flying Dash” to the tune of the Monster Mash. :) 

Our Haunted Flying Tour is loving Texas and all the people making us feel so welcome. The Excelsior House Hotel in Jefferson was a wonderful overnight stop for the non-campers and local volunteers could not have been kinder. They put on a beautiful early-morning spread this morning of  homemade blueberry-cream bread, pumpkin muffins, banana-nut bread, fresh fruit and more for our hungry little breakfast crowd, very much appreciated. Many thanks to Mary Keasler for making our short visit to Jefferson fabulous.

Tuesday morning.  It’s check-out time at the historic Excelsior House Hotel, Jefferson, TX.

Tuesday, early morning fog kept us on the ground at Cypress River Airport, 24F, a little longer than planned but no complaints. It’s kinda nice to have a little extra time at the airport to wonder around, with no pressure to get going and visit with whoever happens to be around.

Before departing 24F, Cypress River Airport, Kelly Jeffries gave this future Ladies Love Taildraggers member a ride in her RV8. Watch out world, I’m guessing this little lady will one day be captain at a major airline.

Tents packed, fog lifted, airplanes fueled, time to head out for our next flying destination.

Jamie Swihart and her Ruby Red Slippers

Next stop, 3F9, Mineola Weisner Airport. Wow, this haunted spot turned out to be a hotbed of activity – both the spooky and the flat-out fun kind! We had an EXCELLENT lunch and tour of the Hogg Mansion in the small town of Mineola.

Part of the 16 aircraft participating in our Haunted Flying Tour today at 3F9, Mineola-Weisner Airport.

Lupita Weisner’s Powerpoint Presentation about Mineola-Weisner Airport history and self-tour of her family’s Museum.

Bus ride to The Hogg Mansion, Mineola, for lunch and paranormal tour of house and grounds.

The Hogg Mansion, former home of the 1st Governor of Texas

Grounds tour

A lovely luncheon at the Hogg Mansion.

Yes, we’re continuing to display our awesome footwear every time we land.

At Mineola, Texas the local newspaper came out to photograph and interview members.

This pretty pair of pinkies seem to be pretty popular!

Tonight’s final destination, Stephenville, Texas, where the FBO greeted us with welcome signs, snacks and gift bags. So cool!

Mid-afternoon Tuesday we flew en-mass to Stephenville, TX and are overnight here. Tomorrow a guided, haunted tour of the Stephenville Historical Museum awaits us. This one I’ve been looking forward to all week long!! More soon, in moments, we’re on the move again!

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