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Female pilots, vintage airplanes crowd Moraine Airpark for fly-in

By John Nolan, Staff Writer11:56 AM Sunday, August 14, 2011

MORAINE — Female pilots who flew in vintage airplanes from around the country crowded the Moraine Airpark this weekend for the second annual Lady Taildraggers fly-in event.

Andy Heins of Dayton, an organizer of the gathering, said it attracted about 300 people and at least 50 vintage aircraft from locations including Alabama, Wisconsin and Missouri before ending on Sunday.

The longest trip to the regional airport in Moraine was by Summer Martell, a resident of Port Townsend, Wash., who flew her 1931 Student Prince biplane in from the Seattle area, Heins said. Volunteers at the Port Townsend Aero Museum completed restoration of her plane in 2009, according to a report last week in the Port Townsend and Jefferson County (Wash.) Leader newspaper.

Aviation enthusiasts Judy Birchler, of Mount Comfort, Ind., and Heins’ wife, Susan Theodorelos of Dayton, organized the Lady Taildraggers fly-in. Moraine Airpark offered better facilities to host the event than were available in Mount Comfort, said Heins, who is manager for dispatch for Dayton-based PSA Airlines Inc.

Organizers are hoping that the Lady Taildraggers event will grow and attract more participants next year, Heins said.

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