DeAnne Wiese (Ohio)

DeAnne Wiese is based at 9OH2, Toussaint Airpark, Genoa, Ohio.

Hello, I’m an advocate for all general aviation. I promote mostly Grass-roots flying, Bush Plane Aviation, Big Tire planes, Short Field Airports, Corn Field Airports, etc. You get the picture. I live on my own 2400′ Turf strip and fly my Aeronca Super Chief regularly off it. I enjoy vintage restorations, and Experimental aircraft projects. I’ve flown Bi-Planes across America and enjoy our Navy N3N with a passion. I’m also Transgender and involved in several supporting groups that cater to both Trans women Pilots and Aviation advocacy.

Ratings: Single Engine Land, Single Engine Sea, Tailwheel, Instrument

C-150’s,C-152’s, C-140, Cherokee 140, Warriors, 160, 180, Navy N3N, Husky, Navion,172, 175, Seminole, Beech Bonanza, A35, Debinare, Decathlon, Marquart Charger, Aeronca’s–11CC, AC, Champs, Cubs, Stinson L5, Mooney Statesman, Mooney M20, Lear40

Dream taildragger: Husky or Scout, Carbon Cub

Thoughts on taildragging: Although “Taildraggers” is a slang term for Conventional Gear, The real definition of the Taildragger did not have a tailwheel rather a simple skid. But for this comment will go with the prior. My passion for the tailwheel is simply the challenge of being in control all the way until my hooked to the tie down or sitting safely in the hanger, LOL Always a classy looking airplane regardless of make. Love the posture.

  • Babs
    Posted at 11:39h, 18 June Reply

    Wow I didn’t know if you fly in an airplane that it qualifies you with that type rating.
    Seems a little extension of the facts here. You own that N3N? Amazing stretch to embellish…..

    • DeAnne Olivia Wiese
      Posted at 19:00h, 04 May Reply

      Wow, I didn’t know you you could keep stalking me from the imprint of your couch. Unless you’re still doing uneccessary background checks on people you have such judgmental opinions about. Funny you’re on a Taildragger website as I don’t think dragging your tail on a couch qualifies. “BaB’s… ???? BAH……Rotflmao.

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