Deb Dreyfuss (Maryland)

Debi Katzen Dreyfuss lives in Potomac, Maryland.

2011 Air Race Classic Photo

“Wow, I had no idea (lady taildragger pilots) were so hard to find.  In 1989 I learned how to fly in a Piper Cub.  I bought a Cessna 150 “Texas taildragger” the following year and have kept it ever since, along with my new 182 (that I use for more distant traveling).”

Team DC3 Racers, Deb Dreyfuss N199CA

“I’m a Comml/multi-engine/seaplane/instrument rated pilot, and I hope to get my CFI this spring so I can give tailwheel checkouts, and my young grandson can legally log his hours.

Fly on!”

Deb Dreyfuss
Potomac, MD

Debi is competing again in the 2012 Air Race Classic, Team DC3

Classic Racer 14
Debi Dreyfuss Linda Knowles Carolyn Bailey N199CA Cessna
Skylane 182T

DC3 Racers

From DC3 Racers:

About the team: Debi Katzen Dreyfuss lives in Potomac, Maryland, and is a Commercial, Multi-Engine Instrument rated pilot who owns two airplanes: a restored 1977 Cessna 150 “Texas Taildragger” for fun and future training, and a recent 182 with glass cockpit, also for fun and travel. When she bought the new 182 from Cessna in 2005, she flew it back from Kansas in a record 5 hrs and 50 minutes (you can only imagine the tailwind!).____ Deb’s a Washington, DC native, and has been flying for over 20 years all over the east coast, to such places as NY, NJ, PA, VA, Florida, the Carolinas, Michigan, Ohio, Nantucket, the Atlantic beaches, and many times to The Bahamas. One of her favorite places to land before 9/11 was Washington National Airport, just for the visual thrill. The controllers there would always wonder why a teeny taildragger would land there, but appreciated the extra-short landings a 150 could easily make. She’s rented airplanes in more remote spots like Hawaii and Alaska just for the excitement of flying there, and has even flown seaplanes in Florida and Virginia. She is currently pursuing her jet turbine and CFI ratings.

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