Deb Ings (Colorado)

Deb Ings is based at 1CO8, Everitt Airport, Parker, Colorado.

Deb Ings & her ’56 Piper Pacer

I’ve been an airplane freak since I was ten years old. I started flying gliders in college and then flew in the Air Force for 12 years. I have been a pilot for United for almost 20 years. Flying a taildragger keeps me “on my toes”… Literally!

Oshkosh 2012

Any airline pilot will tell you how lazy our feet get! I love my Pacer (converted 1956 PA-22.O-320 engine), and have flown it with my son into Airventure three times now. He is starting to fly and I’ve told him that if he learns to fly the Pacer, he will be able to fly anything! Ha!

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