Deb McFarland says So Long

Deborah McFarland  & "Lester" the Luscombe

Deborah McFarland & “Lester” the Luscombe

If you’re a taildragger pilot, chances are you know who Deb McFarland is; a taildragger pilot with over 1600 hours, Luscombe 8E owner, and part of the “Front Porch Gang” at Pickens County Airport, JZP, in Georgia. Yep, one of us and, until now, writer of the monthly, and always interesting, aviation column “Short Final” for General Aviation News. Deb made the surprise announcement that she’s moving on and making room for some new blood in the January 20, 2014 issue of General Aviation News. Happily, she also reported she’s “not going completely away” and we can only hope that means Deb will find another venue to continue to entertain us all.

Deb McFarland Lester

That’s my own short version but please DO NOT depart this page without reading Deb’s final article. It’s really good, but heck, they were all good!

ISSUU – Jan. 20, 2014 by General Aviation News.

Thank you Deb for nearly 20 years of grass roots, aviation articles, that hit a soft spot in our hearts. We will miss you. Blue skies and calm air back to you too!

Judy Birchler


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