Deb Nelson (Arizona)

Deb Nelson is based at Casa Grande Municipal Airport, Casa Grande, Arizona and KEPM Eastport, Maine.

Here’s a very cool email I received from Steve Trieber, the happy guy that’s married to Deb Nelson. I really want to meet them both! If you read through these updates, all sent by Steve, you’ll understand why I think husbands just don’t come any more supportive than him! 

“It’s me, Deb’s husband Steve. I’m sending you another update on Deb’s adventures.”

Deb Nelson flying the super cub

“Deb bought her dream plane last week. Pitot the dog, Broken the Cat, and I got to ride along on the re-position flight from KCGZ Casa Grande AZ to our home at KEPM Eastport, Maine.”

Deb Nelson KGKJ Meadville, PA

“Not so sorry to say, but it won’t be a tail-dragger again until the lakes in Maine start to freeze.”

Deb Nelson girls and their toys

“Girls and their toys”

Ciao Maine

Steve Trieber

Eastport Municipal Airport

Eastport, Maine

‘the easternmost airport in the USA’

———- The following posted March 8, 2012 —————————–

A very cool update about Deb Nelson from husband Steve Trieber. Congratulations Deb, on your Big News!!

“Deb is now an official “Aeronaut “. She passed her balloon check ride with ‘flying colors’ a couple of days ago.”

Check ride time!

“Here’s our dog ‘Pitot’ thinking that all of his weight has helped with the post flight pack-up.”

The ballast, Pitot

“Wintering, working & enjoy great flying weather in Arizona until it warms up a bit back east at ‘the easternmost airport in the USA’, KEMP, Eastport, Maine!”

Best regards.

—————-Following posted November 25, 2011—————-

Here’s a surprise everyone can share in!

Deb’s proud husband wanted to surprise her so he registered her on Ladies Love Taildraggers. Welcome Deb to our fun group of lady taildragger pilots! We’re anxious to hear more about your taildragger flying – and your hot air balloon flying too!

Deb landing her Citabria at KCGZ Casa Grande, Arizona

Hi Judy,

This is Steve, I filled out a registration application for my wife Deb Nelson. I’m signing her up as a surprise. I found your web-site in an aviation publication. I showed it to Deb and she loved it. She’ll find out soon.

Deb’s just about to earn her Hot air Balloon certificate. ” Even lower & slower”. That’s Deb on her first solo flight.

Deb loves to fly her Citabria 7GCBC. That’s her in the photo just about to land at KCGZ Casa Grande, Arizona. We’re based there in the winter and at the “Eastern most airport in the USA” KEPM Eastport Maine in the summer. We also have a hangar at KAST Astoria, Oregon. Her GCBC has flown back and forth between all of them.

Pitot Tube, the poochie!

Our dog ‘Pitot Tube’ & cat ‘Broken’ also fly!!

And the kittie, Broken!

Thanks for including her in Ladies Love Taildraggers. I’m sure she’ll add more info & photos once she can log-in.

Conventional gear is the best !

Best Regards,

Steve Trieber

  • Bob Costa
    Posted at 12:18h, 27 November Reply

    Nice to see the great pictures and read more about your adventures. I hope you have a great time belonging to this group, and I’m looking forward to another ride in your Citabria when you return to Eastport!

  • Barbara Stowe
    Posted at 10:19h, 27 November Reply

    What a great surprise!! That club is so much you. Enjoy!! Enjoy!! How great!!

  • Tim Oruya
    Posted at 02:18h, 27 November Reply

    Hi Deb, I like your Citiabria, I hope to fly with you when I visit Arizona. I am currently in Juba South Sudan. Regards. Tim

  • Tim Oruya
    Posted at 02:15h, 27 November Reply

    GREAT Stuff!!! Go Deb. I am in Juba , South Sudan, Deb was and is a great friend, I wish her all the best. I fly the King air BE200 , LET410 and Cessna Caravan 208. Deb and I trained in Casa Grande municipal airport with Nelson Internationa. I am very happy for her. GO Deb!!!

  • Kel
    Posted at 23:59h, 25 November Reply

    ‘Pitot tube’ is an awesome name for a dog!

  • Lisa Martin
    Posted at 10:50h, 25 November Reply

    Sounds like you’ve flown all over the nation. Pretty Citiabria. I used to have one. They are nice. Had a siamese cat that loved to fly too. Back in the late 80’s we parked our airplanes in our yard. Any time we opened an airplane door Skeeter would come running and jump in. He was crazy for stalls and would walk around in the plane until we’d give him a big stall and he would purr so loud that we could hear him over the airplane noise any time we could get enough negative G’s that he would float.

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