Debbie Cheney (California)

Debbie Cheney is based at KRIR, Flabob Airport, Riverside, California.

I am an EAA Chapter 1 member and love flying Young Eagles. I especially love getting a hold of the young girls and enforcing “girls can do anything!!!

First date in 1980 with my now husband, watching him practice touch and goes in his 65hp Luscombe. Always enthusiastic about aviation, but too frightened to tackle lessons of my own. That all changed in 2007 with our purchase of a Cessna 180! I received my private pilot certificate in 2009 in a J3 cub. I’ve since purchased a beautiful Cessna 140 as training wheels for the 180, but now am able to fly both.

Ratings: Private pilot, high performance, complex, taildragger

Aircraft flown: Since our Luscombe in 1980, we’ve owned all taildraggers; a Piper Clipper, Stinson 108, Piper Pacer, Skywagon, and now my C140

Flabob Airport, Runway 6/24, Dimensions: 3190 x 50 ft.

Dream Taildragger: Blessed to be flying the dream! Cessna 180 Skywagon.

Thoughts on taildragging: Grew up hearing “real pilots fly taildraggers” now am little brainwashed. Love the vintage look and feel and the focus they command on the ground.

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