Debbie Cheney (California)

Debbie Cheney is based at KRIR, Flabob Airport, Riverside, California.

Deborah Cheney


First date with my now husband 35 years ago was watching him do touch and goes after getting his ticket. After buying our Cessna 180, I too fell in love with flying. I received my license in 2009 and bought the Cessna 140 as my training wheels for the 180. We now arm wrestle for the 140 because it is so much fun to fly.

Deborah Cheney 4


Love flying Young Eagles for the EAA program to inspire other young girls that “Girl Pilots Rock!!!”

Deborah Cheney 5

Deborah Cheney 3

I look forward to hearing more about this site and inspire and get inspired from other women aviators!!

Debbie Cheney

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