Deborah Shuman (Wisconsin)

Deborah is based at Mauston-New Lisbon Union Airport, New Lisbon, Wisconsin.

Deborah says, “I just love to fly any aircraft!”

She has approximately 3500 hours and was a Basic Flight Instructor for about 10 years. She also did crop dusting. She just loves to fly whenever she can. She was the founding secretary of her EAA chapter.

Her runway and the runway at Volk Field Air National Guard Base are 1.5 miles apart. She says she works with the tower there and jet traffic all the time. Volk Field is class D airspace when they are open. So flying is always only done with contacting the tower. Many times there are jets in the air so coordination with the tower and the jets is essential when departing or returning for landing. Her turn for base is only several hundred feet from KVOK’s runway. Deborah states, “They are amazing to work with.  They work with you to shoot ILS’s and love to watch you do fly bys when they are not busy. It is amazing to fly with the jets and watch them train all the time.” Deborah has a 24-7 air show.  She says that it is amazing living where she lives and flying with the guys that keep her freedom safe so that she is able to fly as she does. 

Aircraft flown: Challenger II, Quicksilver MXL, MXL II SPORT, Cessna 150, Mooney, Cherokee, Aeroprakt, Cub, Taylorcraft.

Dream taildragger: I just love them all!

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