Debra DuBois-Brinker (Arkansas)

Debra DuBois-Brinker is based at 67AR, Wedington Woods Airport, Fayetteville, Arkansas. 

Debra DuBois-Brinker

I am a private pilot soon to be working on my tailwheel certification. My husband and I have two taildraggers, a 46 Aeronca Champ and a 46 Globe Swift.

Debra DuBois-Brinker Champ

We live on a grass strip and love the sound of airplanes in our backyard! 

Debra DuBois-Brinker 2

I grew up in Ottumwa, Iowa where the Antique Airplane Association originally used to be at the airbase before they moved it to Blakesburg, Iowa.  My dad was an airplane mechanic during WWII  and he loved taking me to air shows when I was small.  My mother shoved me in an airplane when I was 7 or 8 at one of those fly-ins and I was in love with airplanes.  Time passed and and I didn’t get my license until  I was in my early 50’s now at 60 I am looking forward to that tailwheel sign off.
Blue skies and tailwinds!
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