Dee Holm (Arizona)

Update April 11, 2011

Dee Holm has been flying nosedraggers since 2002, but things have changed and she’s having fun now!  Congratulations to Dee on her brand new taildragger endorsement!

New taildragger pilot, Dee Holm, looking good in her Ladies Love Taildraggers t-shirt!

“Hi there. Now I can say that I am a taildragger pilot!  The 26 hours during three months interrupted by bouts of bronchitis were well worth it.  I am totally hooked and can’t wait for my next solo ride to see if I can better my first three landings.”

Dee had a great airplane to get her endorsement in – a Super Cub

“My instructor had more confidence in me than I did myself–he let me go with 9 kt crosswinds 50 degrees off the runway heading.  The only glitch was I had to follow a high-wing student pilot flying B-52 patterns with 1 mile finals!!!  That’s not easy power out at the numbers 🙂  Just such an exhilarating feeling landing a three wheel stance all by myself and I must admit scary too.  If I win the lottery, I know what plane I will buy–a SuperCub.  Just hope my husband doesn’t mind that our Kitfox IV is my second choice :)”

“In case you are wondering, the weather in Chandler, AZ was great!  My thanks to Chandler Air Service and Greg Stafford for such great instruction.  Note the Tee!

See you in the sky,”

Dee Holm

Joined February 14, 2011

Dee Holm is based at (KGEU) Glendale Municipal Airport, Glendale, Arizona.

I’ve been flying since 2002, mostly Cessna nosedraggers. I just started taildragger lessons in SuperCubs. Now I know why it’s better to learn first in a taildragger–every other GA plane is less demanding and perhaps a little boring. Someday I’d like to fly our Kitfox IV Speedster!

I’m a 99 and member of the Phoenix Chapter.  I will be passing this blog on to other 99s I know.

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  • Lisa Martin
    Posted at 20:53h, 20 March Reply

    Hi Dee. I’m hoping to fly down there in the next month. My folks snowbird in Sun City Grande. I was actually looking at flying into Glendale. I need to do some checking. I hear there is a good aerobatic program around there somewhere close. I’d really like to get few hours in a Pitts as part of my “life long learner” program.

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